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A Satirical Look Ideologies & Divides socially divisive political extremes
A satirical and philosophical exploration at polarizing social divides from political ideologies and the growing extremism in recent times. The second article in A Satirical Read more
My book review of Czar of England by Ian Kharitonov, the latest Sokolov action espionage thriller that released recently. Read more
Magic of Human Nature - The Beauty of Fictions Kronos Ananthsimha
A philosophical thought exploration about the value of fictions, meaning, myths, and language. The Beauty of Fictions is the second article in the Magic of Read more
The Treadstone Resurrection Joshua Hood Book Review
Book review of The Treadstone Resurrection, the first Adam Hayes action thriller by Joshua Hood, which is a brutally epic badass tactical epic set in Read more
Clive Cussler Book Review White Death Paul Kemprecos Kurt Austin
My book review of White Death by Clive Cussler & Paul Kemprecos, a Kurt Austin/NUMA Files classic action adventure treasure hunting technothriller epic. Read more
James Swallow Nomad Book Review Marc Dane action thriller
Book Review of Nomad, the first Marc Dane / Rubicon Group action thriller by James Swallow. This classical epic thriller is perfect for the fans Read more
The Shatterhand Code Series Review Aiden L. Bailey
Series Review of The Shatterhand Code, which is an epic dystopian technothriller by Aiden L Bailey that I read a few years ago. Read more
Better Off Dead Tom Wood Victor the Assassin Book Review
Book Review of Better Off Dead by Tom Wood, the 4th book in the series about Victor the Assassin, an amoral, sociopathic, logical, & anonymous Read more
Brad Taylor Daughter Of War Book Review Pike Logan
My Book Review of Daughter Of War by Brad Taylor, a recent installment in the Pike Logan series of brilliant and entertaining espionage, black ops, Read more
A Satirical and philosophical look at Free Will, Sentience, Art, & Originality, to explore meaning, thought, expression, & communication.. First in the series – A Read more
Clive Cussler Dirk Cussler Odessa Sea Book Review
My book review of Odessa Sea by Dirk Cussler in Clive Cussler’s legendary marine archeology action adventure Dirk Pitt series (released – 2016). Read more
The life-asserting power of our addictions - Magic of Human Nature
A philosophical exploration about habits aka addictions, to understand and fight distractions using existentialism, beliefs, identity, ego, and choice. First in the series – Magic Read more
Tom Clancy's Full Force and Effect by Mark Greaney Book Review
My Book Review of Tom Clancy’s Full Force and Effect by Mark Greaney, a Jack Ryan (Sr. + Jr.) & CAMPUS action espionage technothriller. Read more
Sean Parnell Man Of War Book Review
Book Review of Man of War, the first Eric Steele action thriller by Sean Parnell. Read more
Typhoon Fury Book Review Clive Cussler Boyd Morrison
Book Review of Typhoon Fury, an action adventure technothriller by Clive Cussler & Boyd Morrison. Read more
My struggle in 2020’s madness and my fight out of this depressive, lifeless season. The journey of reconstruction after my inactive self destruction. Read more
Gunmetal Gray Mark Greaney Book Review A Gray Man Action Thriller
Book Review of Gunmetal Gray by Mark Greaney, a Gray Man / Court Gentry action thriller which is a contemporary classic in the genre that Read more
Andy Mcdermott The Hunt for Atlantis Book Review
Review of Andy McDermott’s The Hunt For Atlantis, an epic action adventure book which connected me with the genre’s Bayhem style cinematic epic adventures. Read more
Forever and a day Book Review 007
Review of Forever and a Day, a new James Bond book by Anthony Horowitz. My first experience of a 007 book. Read more
Tom Wood The Game Book Review
Review of The Game by Tom Wood, book #3 in the series – Victor the Assassin. This is a smart, classical action thriller for those Read more

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