My Perfect Productive Morning Routine – 2019

Until the end of 2018, I was like most people who struggled to wake up in the morning. I used to wake up late, get ready in a few minutes and race to my University to attend classes. It was worse on holidays when I would wake up so late, that my breakfast would be during everyone’s lunch-time.

Along with the many changes I made to my life during last year’s Christmas vacation, I developed a morning routine. It wasn’t fixed at first but I kept learning about the routines of many content creators I followed, be it on YouTube or on their podcasts. They made it seem easy and motivational. The kicker that sold me this need for a routine in our mornings was to get a lot of work done in the day before most people woke up.

This idea of getting a head-start to accomplish more things in life got me hooked. Most millionaires have morning routines where they wake up at around 5a.m. and focus the time on themselves. We all have 24 hours in a day but many people waste it on petty matters that are truly insignificant.

My morning routine has gone through months of trial and error and today I feel proud of it. You can copy my morning routine but it can be daunting. Take the elements from my routine that work for you and apply it in a way that would fit your life.


(I do by best to follow this routine daily but once in a while I burn out and the structure collapses. The trick is to pick yourself back up when your life’s order falls into chaos and bring it back into whatever you want it to be.)

My morning routine -

  • I usually wake up between 04:00a.m. and 04:30a.m. and adjust my body to being awake. Then I brush my teeth.


  • I then drink half a bottle of water to hydrate my body and start reading some non-fiction. The morning is usually a good time to learn and absorb knowledge as my mind is not easily distracted. On these days I readSapiens by Yuval Noah Harari or The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*CK by Mark Manson. The former being the best beginner’s book on human history and the latter being the most radically honest therapy book on life and reality. Sometimes I tend to read books on business management. Before reading these books for around 30 minutes, I drink a half cup of hot chocolate.


  • After my reading time, I begin a ten or fifteen-minute-long body-weight workout. They involve a combination of jumping jacks, push-up burpees, sit-ups, leg-raises, squats and lunges. It’s either this workout or a walk outside. On some energetic days I go for a jog.
  • Now at around 05:45a.m. I use an app called Headspace for a five-minute basic guided meditation. This helps control my mind and body after the workout. Then I read a few Stoic quotes usually from Marcus Aurelius, Seneca and Epictetus. I write down a quote for the day in my journal and plan the to-do list for the day in the same journal.


  • Then at 06:00a.m. I drink a hot cup of light coffee and begin the day’s work. This usually involves writing or editing or networking/marketing(on social media) for more than an hour. The creative juices in my head flow the best in the mornings and does work wonders.
  • At 07:30a.m. I read the newspaper on the days I’m interested. On some days, I groom my beard at this time. Then I take a cold shower.


  • I eat breakfast at 08:00a.m. and relax for an hour. This time is spent watching videos on YouTube or sometimes communicating with my contacts.


At 09:00a.m. I start my work for the day, be it editing, writing, researching or marketing.


This is a tough routine to stick to, but I’ve finally managed to get comfortable with this layout for my mornings. I’m able to do this by sleeping early the previous night as I find the mornings to be more productive than my nights.


Let me know in the comments if you have a morning routine and how it is working out for you. I’d like to hear the steps in your morning routine.

If you liked this article and if it motivates you, please do share the link and spread the good word. If you want to know my current work-hours routine or my night-time routine please do let me know in the comments.


Keep reading.

Be productive.

Stay classy.

And . . .

Be limitless.

-Kronos Ananthsimha

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4 Replies to “My Perfect Productive Morning Routine – 2019”

  1. My morning routine:
    5:15 wakeup, shower
    5:30 delivering newspaper in my town by car
    6:30 arrive to work and breakfast at the company cafeteria
    7:00 start working
    This allows me to get back home soon = 15:30 – 16:00 to spend time with my family or doing house work. I go sleep usually at 22:00 or at 21:0 with my kids/wife

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