Book review – Forsaken Mercenary #1: Dropship – Jonathan Yanez

The Review -

Natural life on Earth is dead and humanity has united and settled on the Moon and Mars. This seems fun but can you imagine having to eat food printed from 3D printers from edible plastic and tasteless protein pouches? The Galactic Government has united all the nations but rich corporations with private armies wage wars regularly in this world set about 1000 years in the future. 

Daniel Hunt is living a good enough life on Moon working in a hi-end club with a job that’s similar to that of a bouncer. But he doesn’t remember anything beyond five years in his past. He’s exceptionally skilled in combat with tattoos and scars that he doesn’t remember. When a job that promises him answers to his past presents itself, he can’t refuse. 

What seems like a simple intelligence extraction mission leads him to more pain than he can remember leading him to a greater war to bring life back to Earth. A dropship takes him to the lawless Earth where he has to outfight and outwit mercenaries, rebels, and rogue factions, all who would love to put him down for good. 

But fortunately, that’s impossible. Imagine Wolverine from the Weapon X program mixed with Jason Bourne in a brutal future with a few action sequences similar to Mad Max. Like any good book, things are never what they seem to be and the twists make this series very compelling. 

The action is brutal, be it escaping from a convoy of savages, fighting a pack of mutated vultures or the bloody fights Daniel has with one of the antagonists where both of them have some sort of healing factors and enhanced abilities. 

Daniel Hunt’s quest for answers with his former employer, Immortal Corporation leads to a treacherous journey through the wastelands of Earth where the line between good and bad may not even exist. Despite this morally ambiguous world, Daniel’s moral compass is always on point towards redemption from a life he can’t remember. 

The main object that the corporations fight over through their mercenaries, the settings of what’s happened to Earth like the extinction of natural life, are grim and timely topics that are needed in today’s world with the political, corporate and social choices we’re making. 

Daniel Hunt may or may not get the answers he sets out for but he does transform into a greater human with a noble purpose by the end. The series develops his character in a brilliant arc that resonates with all its readers. 

Daniel Hunt’s MKII blaster, his wolf tattoo that he shares with his author Jonathan Yanez and the motto of the pack protocol – Can’t kill our spirit!, all make this series one of the most compelling stories I’ve read in years. You’ll like this series even if you aren’t a sci-fi fan.

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