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Alex Shaw Jack Tate Total Fallout Book Review
Book Review of Total Fallout by Alex Shaw, the second Jack Tate SAS action packed technothriller. Read more
Clive Cussler Arctic Drift Book Review
Book Review of Arctic Drift by Clive Cussler / Dirk Cussler, the 20th Dirk Pitt action adventure epic. Read more
Mission Critical Mark Greaney Gray Man Book Review
My book review of Mission Critical by Mark Greaney, the eight Court Gentry / Gray Man action thriller espionage epic. Read more
Dark State Jason Trapp Jack Slater Book Review
Book Review of Dark State, the 1st Jason Trapp action thriller by Jack Slater which is a complex political technothriller. Read more
James Swallow Exile Marc Dane Book Review
Book Review of Exile, the second Marc Dane / Rubicon Group action thriller by James Swallow which is a brilliant, wild, and diabolical thrill-ride. Read more
The Cleaner Mark Dawson John Milton Book Review
Book Review of The Cleaner, the first John Milton book by Mark Dawson, a crime thriller and vigilantism social drama. Read more
Andrew Warren Code Green Thomas Caine Book Review
Book Review of Code Green, the latest Thomas Caine action thriller by Andrew Warren, a neo noir espionage epic. Read more
James Bond License Renewed JOhn Gardner Book Review
My book review of License Renewed by John Gardner, his first James Bond 007 thriller, which is a smart, fun, and wild read. Read more
Forsaken Patriots Fault Lines Steven Hildreth Jr Book Review
My Book Review of Forsaken Patriots Fault Lines, the first Jack Bradshaw thriller by Steven Hildreth Jr, which is an ultra-realistic underrated & brilliant thriller. Read more
My Book Review of The Break Line by James Brabazon, the Max McLean action thriller, which is a spellbinding, darkly twisted, brilliant, and horrific, wildly Read more
Here's my interview of Alex Shaw, a British Action Thriller Author who writes the Aiden Snow, Jack Tate, & Sophie Racine series of action thrillers. Read more
The Rescue Ryan Decker Steven Konkoly Book Review
My book review of The Rescue by Steven Konkoly, the first Ryan Decker crime conspiracy action thriller, which is a fast-paced cinematic fun ride. Read more
Morality for Reviewing - My Ethics Behind Writing Reviews Kronos Ananthsimha
Here's my somewhat satirical article about why I write reviews and about the way I do it. My reading process and my book reviewing rationale Read more
Symmetry & Balance - Connecting Art & Science with a Moderating Act
A satirical and metaphysical look at Symmetry and Balance, which connects Art & Science with a mystical look at moderation. Read more
Red War Mitch Rapp Kyle Mills Book Review
My Book Review of Red War by Kyle Mills, a Mitch Rapp action thriller created by Vince Flynn. This military geo political action thriller takes Read more
Series Review of Matthew Betley's Logan West epic action adventure technothrillers – Overwatch, Oath of Honor, Field of Valor, Rules Of War. Read more
The Threadstone Exile Joshua Hood Book Review
Book Review of The Treadstone Exile, the 2nd Adam Hayes weaponized gritty action thriller by Joshua Hood in Robert Ludlum's literary universe. Read more
Andy Peloquin Darkblade Assassin Book Review
Book Review of Darkblade: Assassin, a Grimdark fantasy epic by Andy Peloquin, which mixes vigilante revenge with sword & sorcery in a darkly twisted tale. Read more
A look at running & workouts, consistency, and the euphoric high attained by chasing the adrenaline. I explore the awesomeness of working out and chasing Read more
Ross Sidor Target Viper Book Review
My book review of Target Viper by Ross Sidor, his 2nd action thriller which is a weapozined, grimdark, and well-researched, gritty action thriller set in Read more

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