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Glory within the mundane - Owning our minds to kick chaos in the face.
Glory within the mundane: Owning our minds to kick chaos in the face.
An unconventional approach towards responsibility, control, routines, and facing what really matters. Important for creatives, freelancers, and anyone who works
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Guide to choosing better content
Consume what matters – Choosing from a limitless digital ocean.
With a limitless digital ocean of content to choose from, it's hard to prioritize our choices. Here's a guide to
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Moscow Gold - Ian Kharitonov book review
Book Review – Moscow Gold: Ian Kharitonov
My review of a newly released book written by Ian Kharitonov. Contains hardcore topics, not for the faint heartred Read
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Fuck perfection! Ride the chaos
F#@$ Perfection! – Ride the Chaos
Chaos from distractions and procrastination can defeat us, if we let it. Explore the problem with perfection and ride across
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Moderation: The key to sanity in this divided world.
Moderation: The key to sanity in this divided world.
Political divide always existed, even before social media. The key to remain sane between these extremes is moderation. Read More
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Featured Review – The Giordana Connection: Brian Drake
Featured review of a newly released Amazon Bestseller. This is an emotional book written by my friend. Read More ...
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Book review – Forsaken Mercenary #1: Dropship – Jonathan Yanez
Click to read my review of Dropship(Forsaken Mercenary #1) by Jonathan Yanez which is a timely sci-fi book. Read More
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Practicing real honesty and facing criticism
Practicing Real Honesty and Facing Criticism
My take on practicing real honesty and how to face criticism in the real world. Read More ...
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Prioritizing Happiness: The reason I quit my job after a week.
Stepping Stones #1: I quit my employed job after a week of joining. Read the article to know why and
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Brief History – Evolution of Coca-Cola’s marketing campaigns
Coca-Cola created the image of Santa Claus that we know of! To know more about Coke's marketing history, continue reading
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